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    What year is It? Time is moving faster and faster these days. Where do I even begin? This year has presented itself to be quite more challenging than anticipated. This time last year I had totally different priorities, concerns, values, and worries. That’s life, I now know. Its incredible the ability of the human mind to adapt and change in such a short time frame, it’s mind-blowing to say the least.



    I grew up going to private Christian schools, k-5 through 12th grade. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but never did I once go without necessities needed. My parent’s always made sure I got what I needed to get through in terms of material items. In 1995 we lived in Eastlake right up the road from Banks Middle School. That’s North Birmingham for those of you who aren’t familiar with the metro area. At the time this area was at the end of its hay-day, slowly progressing to be a not so nice place. That’s what started our private schooling venture. Being in private schools for all but my 3rd and 4th grade years, definitely had some advantages, but there were also some disadvantages. Mountain View Baptist was the first school my sister and I attended. Talk about small, I thought having 15-20 people in your grade was a lot. I was mistaken to say the least. I had teachers that to this day have made lifelong impressions and had a great impact on my life. I’ll spare you the details, Most of them were positive, but there were definitely some negative. The greatest thing I think you can get out of being in a small school, or working in a small business is, as a student or employee you’re not just another number. But Everyone knows everything, and that is not necessarily a good thing!

    My dad, whom I love dearly was gracious enough to accept my sister and I as his own. My biological father whom I’ve never been around was a deadbeat. At the time he had a lot issues, and my mom, sister, and me were fortunate enough to survive them. My original birth Certificate read, William Justin Ingram. It wasn’t until January of 1999 that I took on the last name Wallace. I didn’t realize how big of a deal this was until way later down the road. My dad was a police officer for my whole childhood. 36 years to be exact, he’s now happily retired. Honestly, it was almost a little much at times! I can’t imagine though, its got to be extremely hard in that profession to turn it on and off, there’s no switch for that. I didn’t always understand it, I didn’t always get why, but I do respect, and love the man, more than he knows I’m sure! Being hard on someone, does not mean you don’t love them, he wanted to get the best out of me, and one day his efforts will pay dividend. The Wallace name I was graciously given will be so much more than the story that’s just begun to be written.

To be continued…


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